Class Rosters

Daily updated class rosters are available to faculty and departments through Student Services Online. Email class rosters are also sent to faculty several times per term. The online class roster will allow authorized users to view the following student information for each class:

  • Name
  • PIN (personal identification number)
  • Email address
  • School
  • Standing
  • Number of points for which the student is taking the class

In addition, the online class roster allows authorized users to:

  • Create emails to all students (may not work with some browsers)
  • Show, cut and paste email address lists
  • Download tab-delimited class rosters with Excel extension
  • Download tab-delimited class rosters with plain text extension

Faculty Access to Class Rosters

Via Email

Class rosters are periodically sent to faculty from the Office of the Registrar via email according to the following schedule:

  • On first day of classes
  • After the change of program period
  • After the last day to drop a class

In order to receive the class roster(s) via email, faculty members must have a valid email address listed on the University online directory.


Faculty may access their class rosters using Student Services Online. No special authorization is required. However, everyone using Student Services Online must have a valid University Network ID (UNI) and password. This is usually the same as the University email ID and password.

Administrator Access to Class Rosters

Administrators who need access to class rosters, departmental class lists or student data must apply for administrative access to Student Services Online. Administrators must:

  • be authorized either by the Dean of Student Affairs, Department Chair or Academic Dean
  • have a valid UNI and password.