Leave of Absence

A Voluntary Leave of Absence is a type of Withdrawal. A Voluntary Leave of Absence or any other form of Withdrawal indicates that a student has been permitted an exception from the continuous registration requirement of the University.

Each school within the University articulates Voluntary Leave of Absence policies for its students. For more specific information regarding the circumstances and processes for Voluntary Leave of Absence, as well as conditions relevant to returning from Leave, students should refer to their school bulletins or speak with their Dean of Students (DOS) or other staff person as designated in the school's bulletin (DOS). Students are responsible for understanding the implications of a Leave of Absence for housing, financial aid, health insurance, and progress toward the degree.

In general, a Voluntary Leave of Absence will be requested prior to the beginning of a semester. Policies differ from school to school, for students who request to withdraw from a term-in-progress.