Using the E-Billing Website

When a new Student Account Statement is posted online, an email notification is generated with instructions on accessing the E-Billing website. This email will be sent to the student’s official Columbia University email address and to anyone authorized by a student to view his/her Statement and to make payments to his/her accounts.
The email to students will include a link to SSOL, an online tool that offers information about the student account, registration, financial aid, and more.
Emails to others who have been designated by students as Authorized Payers will contain a direct link to the E-Billing website for a secure log-in with the user name and password created by the student.

Tips for the E-Billing Website

  • Once logged in, students or authorized payers will see the “Current Activity” and “Statement History.”
  • Click on “Make Payment.”
  • Enter the amount and select a “Payment Method” from the drop-down menu.
  • To download a printable copy of the E-Bill, click on “Download PDF” on the Statement Information section of the page. The PDF version should be used for mailing payments to Columbia: the appropriate address is on the PDF.
  • The “Transaction History” tab will display a complete record of E-Check payments. Authorized Payers viewing this page will only be able to see payments that they themselves have made.